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Rumination Station Chair

ITEM: FC1325
You could fall asleep in this office desk chair (Steve did)
A leather desk chair that turns into a recliner and works optimally as both — are we dreaming? It’s true: you can shift gears on this Rumination Station and go from office desk chair to reading lounge to flat-out sleeping chair. And in the process, disengage your mental gears so that you do the kind of relaxed thinking that’s most productive.
  • Rich leather
  • Cushy arms and headrest
  • Spacious, first-class seat
  • Footrest is tucked way back for working and extends for reclining
  • 29W x 24D x 48-50H, reclining to 63L
  • Seat height, 20-22 inches; width, 22
  • Assembly required

   Assembly instructions
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