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Circa smartPlanner 2015 Master Agenda + 7-App Pack

Get yourself really organized with a smartPlanner Agenda and these seven organizational apps---no downloading needed!

The Circa smartPlanner, the innovative planner that lets you choose the way you want to put it all together. The weekly Master Agenda is the centerpiece of this intuitive system. The paper-based “apps” are the added secret sauce. Combine them, and you have a powerhouse of organization, that’s personalized to you. The Master Agenda features weekly and monthly calendar sheets and monthly tabs, plus a perpetual calendar. The weekly sheets have tiny perforated corners at the bottom of each page that you can tear off as you power through each week. The monthly planner sheets feature softly shaded areas so that you can manage two aspects of your life at once. All are on high-quality paper and with soft shadings of color that help you in your organizing. And because the smartPlanner uses Levenger Circa-punched paper, you can easily move around any of the pages. Each of the 7 apps helps you stay organized in a different way:
1. To Do app
Five color blocks give you more manageability—make one long list or five different ones, for daily or recurring tasks. Each color block can be for a different kind of To Do---work, home, fitness, and so on. Or assign different colors to various family or team members. With a column for prioritizing, plus a date and check-off box for marking progress.

2. Take-With Lists app (perforated)
Vertically perforated sheets mean you can keep separate lists for work and home, or for different projects. Keep these multiple lists in your Master Agenda till you’re ready to perf and take with.

3. Keep & Share Notes app (semi-perforated)
A delegator’s dream: give the perf’d side of the color block (5 per sheet) to the doer, and keep a record of your directions on the other. Or make it the traffic manager for items you lend, with a note to whom and when on the Keep side and a gentle reminder about returning on the Share side. You can also use the two sides independently, jotting flashes of inspiration on the Keep sheets and making notes to yourself on the Share sheets. (Place them where they’re most likely to jog your memory.) Let this app do the work for your memory, which you can put to better use.
4. Meeting Notes app
This app helps you turn notes into useful references and action points. On the front, use separate sections for concepts, key points and action steps.  On the back, use the ruled white sheet for taking longer notes. A pagination line keeps track of multiple pages on the same topic.

5. Travel Tamer app
Consolidate info for each trip onto one simple sheet—flights on front; hotels, cars and sights on back. Use completed sheets as reference for repeat trips. They’re also a helpful record for expense reports.

6. Ideation Station app
Find a creative solution to a problem using different words to connect concepts. The Ideation Station app adapts the effective method that Todd Henry, the author of The Accidental Creative, has designed for starting with a challenge and ending up with possible---and often surprising---solutions. You can do all this on one sheet of paper (take some with you on the plane).

7. Doodler app
Soft colors and different shapes (vertical blocks on back) just may help you doodle your way to ingenious new thoughts. Not a doodler? Use as a sketch pad or to jot notes.
  • Weekly and monthly calendars, 2015, plus perpetual calendar
  • Yearly calendars, 2014-2017
  • 12 monthly tab dividers, with month-at-a-glance ruled page
  • 7 app pads of 25 sheets each
  • High-quality, 100 gsm Levenger paper holds up to repeated use
  • “Belongs to” page for identification
  • Circa-punched pages for optimal movability
  • Translucent covers: junior,  6 1/4W  x 8 3/4H; letter, 9 1/4W x 11 1/4H
  • 1” black Circa discs
  • Junior-size paper, 5 1/2W x 8 1/2H; letter-size paper, 8 1/2W x 11H
Click the links to enjoy a FREE download of the following sample apps:Quotes of Note (junior), Quotes of Note (letter) and What Makes Me Happy(junior).
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