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Shop with confidence for gifts for him, knowing you have Levenger’s best-selling and top products to choose from. You’ll find the right gift for him among our full-grain leather bags, wallets, sleek pens and professional folios that every businessman should have. Browse this incredible selection of gifts you know he’ll love.

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Cambridge Clipper
Tusting Clipper

Item: AL0450

Price: $499.00

Montblanc Soft Grain Key Fob

Item: AL14500

Price: $145.00

Montblanc Meisterstuck Key Fob

Item: AL14525

Price: $145.00

Montblanc Meisterstuck Wallet 6cc

Item: AL14565

Price: $300.00

Montblanc Meisterstuck Wallet 8cc

Item: AL14570

Price: $360.00

Montblanc Extreme Business Card

Item: AL14575

Price: $165.00

Montblanc Extreme Passport Holder

Item: AL14580

Price: $180.00

Montblanc Extreme Wallet 8cc

Item: AL14590

Price: $320.00

Circa® Contrast Reversible Sliver Notebook

Item: ADS9790

Price: $49.00-$59.00

Leather Accordion Organizer

Item: AL15085

Price: $189.00

Bond Street Swiftnotes

Item: AL15090

Price: $55.00

Bond Street Shirt Pocket Briefcase

Item: AL15095

Price: $59.00

Bond Street Micro Tech Organizer

Item: AL15110

Price: $75.00

Bond Street Passport Jacket

Item: AL15115

Price: $65.00

Bond Street Card Wallet

Item: AL15120

Price: $60.00

Bond Street Flip Wallet

Item: AL15125

Price: $85.00

Circa® Bond Street Foldover Notebook

Item: AL15135

Price: $109.00-$129.00

Pineider Avatar Fountain Pen

Item: AP16880

Price: $280.00

Pineider Avatar Ballpoint

Item: AP16888

Price: $178.00

Pineider Avatar Mechanical Pencil

Item: AP16895

Price: $178.00

Outlet Badge
Luxe Tech Folio – Pro

Item: AL14320

Price: $155.00 Now $109.95

Bomber Jacket Ambi-Flex Folio, Letter
Bomber Jacket Ambi-Flex Folio

Item: AL13455

Price: $159.00-$179.00

Bomber Jacket Expandable Brief 2.0
Bomber Jacket Expandable Brief 2.0

Item: AL13795

Price: $425.00

Bomber Jacket Tyler Folio - Black
Bomber Jacket Tyler Folio

Item: AL7455

Price: $155.00

Bomber Jacket Cord Roll
Bomber Jacket Cord Roll

Item: AL13040

Price: $99.00

Snap Tray
Snap Tray

Item: AD7580

Price: $59.00

Tokens & Icons NFL Uniform Wallet

Item: AL14725

Price: $160.00

Bomber Jacket Laptop Messenger

Item: AL7420

Price: $299.00

Bomber Jacket Briefolio
Bomber Jacket Briefolio®

Item: AL7410

Price: $165.00

iPhone® X Lugano Wallet

Item: AD8655

Price: $60.00

iPhone X Wallet Skin

Item: AD8660

Price: $70.00

Bomber Jacket Your Tech - Mocha
Bomber Jacket Your Tech, Your Way

Item: AL13800

Price: $145.00

Bomber Jacket Flash Drive Holder - Mocha
Bomber Jacket Flash Drive Holder

Item: AL13805

Price: $25.00

Bomber Jacket Circa Leather Foldover Notebook
Circa® Bomber Jacket Leather Foldover Notebook

Item: AL8385

Price: $95.00-$105.00

Orbit Wallet Finder

Item: AD8690

Price: $40.00

Orbit Glasses Finder

Item: AD8685

Price: $50.00

Urbanite Pouch

Item: AM2965

Price: $25.00

Urbanite Messenger and Pouch

Item: AM2970

Price: $159.00

Lamy Aion Ballpoint

Item: AP16618

Price: $69.00

Lamy Aion Rollerball

Item: AP16615

Price: $79.00

Lamy Aion Fountain Pen

Item: AP16610

Price: $89.00

Lamy Studio Ballpoint
Lamy Studio Ballpoint

Item: AP9438

Price: $79.00

Lamy Studio Rollerball
Lamy Studio Rollerball

Item: AP9435

Price: $89.00

Lamy Studio Fountain Pen
Lamy Studio Fountain Pen

Item: AP9430

Price: $99.00

Visconti Pininfarina Disegno Rollerball
Visconti Pininfarina Disegno Rollerball

Item: AP14425

Price: $350.00

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