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Language Learning Blocks, Cherokee

ITEM: AN2070
These Cherokee blocks help to preserve an endangered Native American language
These 28 wooden blocks feature the symbols used in the written language of the Cherokee. In English, these symbols would be an alphabet. But Cherokee does not have an alphabet of individual letters. Instead, it has a syllabary of characters. Each character represents a specific sound of the spoken language. Combine the various syllabic characters and you create words. Sequoya, a member of the Cherokee Nation, invented the syllabary in the early 1800s. The Native Americans called the syllabary “talking leaves.” It is still in use today, and helps to preserve one of the world’s endangered languages. These blocks offer an opportunity to learn about an indigenous American language and to further appreciate the diversity of the world’s languages.
  • 28 hand-manufactured wooden blocks
  • All 85 syllabic characters of the Cherokee language
  • Plus the numbers 1–9
  • Plus Native American drawings by an artist of Cherokee and Pawnee descent
  • Syllabary created in collaboration with native Cherokee speakers
  • Includes an information sheet explaining the creation of the written language
  • Each block measures 1 3/4-inch square
  • Made in America from replenishable wood