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Levenger Multilingual Learning Blocks

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Master the building blocks of six different languages
Whatever your age, being bilingual helps your brain switch gears, block out distractions, and better remember. Imagine what being multilingual might do! Working with the Long Now Foundation and its global language initiative, we created this set of blocks that feature 28 commonly found words in 6 commonly taught languages: Spanish, simple Mandarin, French, German, Latin and English. Each language has its own color and font, to make it easy (and fun) to learn and remember. The blocks are hand-manufactured in America from replenishable wood. A Levenger original brain booster.
  • Each block features the same word in 6 different languages. The same block that has the English bird, for example, will have pájaro (Spanish), niao (simple Mandarin, along with the character), oiseau (French), vogel (German), and avis (Latin)
  • The 6 languages are commonly taught in American schools today
  • The 28 words were selected from the Swadesh List, named after the linguist who compiled the words that are common to all languages
  • The Long Now Foundation is the creator of the Rosetta Project, which is building a digital archive of the world’s languages
  • Each block measures 1.75 inches square
  • The set weighs 2.3 pounds

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