David McCullough's Typewriter Bookend
David McCullough's
Typewriter Bookend

E.B. White's Dachshund Bookend
E.B. White's
Dachshund Bookend

Hodge Bookends–Set of Two
Hodge Bookends–Set of Two

The Happy Warrior
Churchill's Pig

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To borrow from Ruskin, there are the books of the hour and the books for all time. Levenger Press books are designed to be timeless, both in their crafting and in their content. Many Levenger Press books are first-ever facsimiles of rare books, maps and manuscripts, brought to life with new commentary for a new era.

Almost all of our titles are available only from Levenger, making them some of the most unique book offerings available. A number of them are also collector’s editions—books to cherish all the more because they’re available for only a limited time. And nearly every one is printed in America.

Various Levenger Press books are in the collections of the Library of Congress, The Morgan Library & Museum, the New York Public Library, the Newberry Library, Stanford University Library, the Library of Scotland, Churchill College Cambridge, the British Library, Trinity College Cambridge, the Royal Collection at Windsor, and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt.

Most Recent Titles
Titles with links are currently in stock in our warehouse. Occasionally our stores will have a few copies even if our warehouse doesn’t.

Thoreau, The Maine Woods: A Photographic Journey through an American Wilderness
On Becoming Abraham Lincoln - Biography
Jerusalem: The Saga of the Holy City
The Sarajevo Haggadah
The Prompt Copy of A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
Plutarch: On Contentedness of Mind
The Grimani Breviary - Numbered Edition Book, Iluminated Manuscript
Boston - Henry Cabot Lodge
The Making of The Finest Hour. Book and CD - Winston Churchill
Cicero: On a Life Well Spent. Preface by Benjamin Franklin
New York - Theodore Roosevelt
Gnomologia - Library Company of Philadelphia
Delight - J.B. Priestly
Notes on Our Times - E.B.White
The Happy Warrior - Winston Churchill Graphic Novel

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Sir Winston Churchill: His
Life Through His Paintings

by David Coombs with Minnie Churchill
Numbered, limited edition
A Fortnight in the Wilderness
Alexis de Toqueville
Feeding the Mind
Lewis Carroll
Illustrated by Edward Koren
Eight or Nine Wise Words
About Letter-Writing

Lewis Carroll
Illustrated by Edward Koren
The Making of the Finest Hour
Winston Churchill
Numbered edition
In Other Words
Christopher Moore
Rare Words
Jan & Hallie Leighton
Rare Words II
Jan & Hallie Leighton
Samuel Johnson's Dictionary
Edited by Jack Lynch
The Little Guide
to Your Well-Read Life

Steve Leveen
A Boy at the Hogarth Press
Richard Kennedy
Words That Make a Difference (print)
Robert Greenman
The Dream
Winston S. Churchill
Cicero: On a Life Well Spent
Preface by Benjamin Franklin
Painting as a Pastime
Winston S. Churchill
Samuel Johnson's Insults
Jack Lynch
The Map Book
Edited by Peter Barber
More Words That Make a Difference (print)
Robert Greenman and Carol Greenman