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How to buy a chair by mail

Some people are skeptical that Levenger can sell chairs through the mail. “After all, don’t people really have to sit in them?” they ask.

Aeron Posturefit Desk Chair

Yes, you do have to sit in a chair. But buying your chair from Levenger is one of the best ways to shop.

Look at a typical shopping trip for chairs.

Chances are you’ve been walking and standing around for a while before you get to the chairs. If you’ve been standing too long, even a concrete slab feels pretty good. 

Once you sit down, how long do you try each chair?

Thirty minutes in oAdams Reader Chairne chair would be a long time. And under what conditions are you trying them? Not in your home or office, where conditions will be different. 

Contrast that experience with shopping from our catalog or Webstore.

First, you can learn quite a bit from reading the text, but most important, you can try our chairs for as long as you like in your own home or office. If a chair doesn’t work out, just call.  We’ll arrange to pick it up and refund you for the cost of the chair.

Shopping at Levenger will take less time and is more likely to result in a chair that is truly right for you.