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How to use a pencil cup

Morgan UnifierIt is a phenomenon peculiar to pencil cups. Over time, their contents either disappear almost entirely or get jammed full--but always with pencils and pens you'd rather not use. The good pens vanish, going off to new territories, while all that's left are the sorry lot that no one wanted.

If you're one of those people who can't bear to throw these out, just put them in a box and store them far back in a drawer, where someday your grandchildren will ponder over them. Meanwhile, adopt a different sort of pencil cup as your prime tool-not one with a single, catch-all compartment, but one with separate holes for the specific types of pens and pencils you like to use best. Then populate the holes with said pens and pencils, and make it a point to return them to their allotted spaces.briefcase Now you're not simply storing pens but assigning them a position for actual retrieval and use.

Do the same for your other desks if you have more than one. Then repeat this arrangement in your briefcase or bag. You may find your writing life a whole lot more pleasing by adopting this simple technique known to carpenters, medical personnel and others who have to quickly lay their hands on just the right tool.

You may not want to let all your friends in on your system, lest they think you're a bit too organized, but enjoy the simple pleasures of always having the pen you want, right where you want it.