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Shirt Pocket Poetry (30 cards & pouch)

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Store some classic verse in memory
"You will never be alone with a poet in your pocket," pronounced John Adams. We designed our 30 colorful Shirt Pocket Poetry cards for sharing — with loved ones, friends and colleagues, by mail or by hand, the back of each card blank to carry a note from you. All are rhymes from an earlier time, with Browning and Longfellow and Brontë and more. We selected them for their cadence, the better to recite them aloud and commit them to heart and to memory. Use these little cards to find a quiet pocket of time to focus your mind and restore your soul, however briefly, whatever your age. They fit in a Shirt Pocket Briefcase and come in their own snap pouch. Available only from Levenger.

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  • 30 poems, each on a coated 3 x 5 card
  • Each colorful card has a distinctive design Inspired by the shirt-pocket devotionals of the 18th century
  • Designed to fit in a Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase
  • Or store them in the canvas pouch they come in
  • Great way to keep memory sharp by memorizing one or some
  • Share with loved ones, friends and colleagues
  • Reverse side of each card is left blank for penning a note
  • Each card, 3 x 5
  • Blue canvas snap pouch, 3 x 5
  • Made in America
Here’s a list of the 30 poets and the poems featured:
1. Bay Psalm Book — Psalm 23
2. William Blake — The Smile
3. Emily Brontë — To Imagination
4. Elizabeth Barrett Browning — Sonnets from the Portuguese ii
5. Byron (George Gordon) — She Walks in Beauty
6. Lewis Carroll — A Boat, Beneath a Sunny Sky
7. Abraham Cowley — Anacreontics: Drinking
8. W. H. Davies — Leisure
9. Walter de la Mare — The Listeners
10. Emily Dickinson — I’m nobody! Who are you?
11. John Donne — A Hymne
12. John Dryden — Troilus and Cressida
13. T.S. Eliot — The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
14. Ralph Waldo Emerson — Terminus
15. A. E. Housman — When I was one-and-twenty (A Shropshire Lad)
16. Rudyard Kipling — If
17. Edward Lear — The Owl and the Pussy-Cat
18. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow — The Day is Done
19. John Masefield — Sea Fever
20. John McCrae — In Flanders Fields
21. Edgar Allan Poe — A Dream
22. Alexander Pope — An Essay on Criticism
23. Christina Rossetti — Uphill
24. Robert Louis Stevenson — Picture-Books in Winter
25. Robert Louis Stevenson — What Man May Learn, What Man May Do
26. Alfred, Lord Tennyson — Song from ‘The Princess’
27. Henry David Thoreau — Nature
28. Oscar Wilde — Impressions: La Fuite de la Lune
29. William Wordsworth — Character of The Happy Warrior
30. William Wordsworth — The World Is Too Much with Us

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