Circa Spectator Discs, 3/4 inch (set of 11)

Circa Spectator Discs, 3/4 inch (Set of 11)

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Product Description
Striking Circa discs that will make spectators take notice
Your Circa notebook will have star power when dressed in Circa Spectator Discs, which are striped on the outside rims and have opposite colors in the middle on either side of each disc--in a nod to British Spectator shoe fashion, which is a classic style of contrasts.
  • Dramatic black-and-white or red-and-white resin
  • Striped along the outside rims
  • Middle of each disc has alternating colors
  • Set of 11
  • Enough discs for a letter-size notebook, or one junior and one Jotlet
  • 3/4-inch size can hold up to 120 Circa-punched pages
  • These colors work beautifully with our Circa Leather Foldover (available separately)