Parker 5th Mode PK IM Premium CT, Gunmetal

Parker 5th Mode PK IM in Deep Gunmetal

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Item AP12560
Product Description
Try Parker’s 5th mode for another way to love writing
This made-for-today mode synthesizes the best of other pen modes for a write that’s disarmingly efficient and delightfully smooth and soft. The flexible tip adapts to your way of writing. And this tip is an extension of the replaceable cartridge: an all-in-one arrow in your quiver that’s effortlessly replaced. Fly high with 5th mode -- it’s impervious to changes in pressure in airline cabins. Drop it, and its forgiving nature won’t leak. Forget to cap it and it will write anyway, with never a smudge.
  • PK IM in Deep Gunmetal features chiseled plating with a stainless tip
  • 5 1/2L x 1/2 diameter; 1.08 oz
  • Brass barrel
  • Snap-on cap
  • We offer 5th mode refills