L-Tech Plus Rollerball With Stylus

L-Tech Plus Stealth Rollerball with Stylus

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Item AP13175
Product Description
L-Tech stylus and rollerball pen in sleek matte black
Levenger’s L-Tech Plus rollerball is a writing instrument worthy of both paper and screen, bringing together the best of both digital and traditional technologies. L-Tech is not just a pen, it’s a power tool--and now it boasts the best of both heritage and digital technologies. The L-Tech Plus Stealth Rollerball, crafted in solid brass, puts the tangible pleasure of a precision tool in your hand, and includes a stylus tip.
  • Expertly weighted for a satisfying heft
  • Brass barrel with a black matte finish
  • Barrel starts off faceted, which keeps it from rolling off your desk, and finishes in a smoothly textured grip for comfort
  • Threaded cap
  • Silicone rubber stylus tip on cap screws off for replacement
  • 5 3/4L x 7/16 diameter; 1.8 oz
  • We offer rollerball refills
  • We offer stylus replacements