Conquer the Chaos-To Do Note Pad

Conquer the Chaos To Do Pad

Price: $8.00

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Product Description
“Make a list—you’ll feel better.”
Write it down, get it done. We’ve found the perfect notepad for both the occasional and expert list maker. The Conquer the Chaos To Do Pad could be the ultimate notepad for all of your daily tasks. With writing space for “tasks”, “errands”, “correspondence” and “notes”, you can organize your life in thoughtful convenience.
  • 60 sheets of substantial 105-gsm paper
  • Includes 4 categories: tasks, errands, correspondence, and notes with checkboxes
  • “Make a list, you’ll feel better” quote at the bottom of each page
  • Includes writing space for “date”, “finish by” and “topic”
  • 6W x 1/4D x 9H