Special Request™ Blank (100 cards), Circa Micro PDA

Special Request™ Blank (100 cards), Circa® Micro PDA

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Item SPR900
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Product Description
Circa-punched note cards for your Circa Micro PDA
Our Special Request Circa Blank Micro PDA refill gives you more ways to use your reporter-style Circa Micro PDA flip notebook. It includes 100 plain blank white cards.
  • Cards are Circa-punched at top to fit into any micro PDA, PDA, compact, junior or letter-size Circa notebook
  • Ideal for lists, notes, drawing, brainstorming, notes-to-self, recipes, messages or writing directions
  • Set of 100 cards
  • Thick, durable 80-lb white card stock
  • Micro PDA size, 2W x 3 1/2H