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Book Clips

No other tool works as simply and efficiently as a bookmark or book clip. Use our ingenious Book Bungee bookmark to mark your page and protect your book, or use the Page Points to mark your page or a passage. Mark the spot in your book with any of our book clips so you can quickly get back to finding out how the book ends.

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Page Nibs™
Page Nibs™

Item: AB0290

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About Book Clips

The best tools are most often the most simple ones around. Consider the wheel, the screw and, of course, the book clip. What could be easier than marking the page of a book or a magazine with a book clip? Just slide on one of many designs to choose from or clip it on, depending on your style, and voila! The next time you’d like to go back and find that page, there it is, easily located and at your fingertips. Avid readers don’t like to break their stride while reading. To take the time to stop and transcribe an idea or mark a certain passage can sometimes break the flow of a good book. The solution is to have a pocket full of book clips and just pop one on when you reach a particularly compelling page or passage.

Then, when you’re finished, those pages are right there for you to do as you wish. Think about marking all of the best recipes in an oft-used cookbook. How convenient to always be able to find your favorites with ease. At work, book clips are a great way to do research or simply to keep handy reference material you use often. When you get an important phone call form a customer who needs information, you have it ready at hand because the pertinent page in the product catalogue is marked with a book clip. You’ll look and feel more prepared when the information you need is easily accessible.