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Caran D’Ache Special Edition Scented Pencils (set of 4)

ITEM: AP14485
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Rare wood pencils from distant lands
The pencils of this Caran D’Ache collector’s series contains four exotic designs of rare and precious woods, scented by the Mizensir Parfumerie. Made in Switzerland.
  • Set of 4 Certified OLB and FSC wood pencils, one each of hemlock oak, teak and white ash
  • Pre-sharpened and ready to use
  • Western hemlock has a naturally aged appearance
  • White oak has an ivory color enhanced by delicate, chocolate-colored veins
  • Silver teak features elegant satiny tones
  • White ash has long and narrow ashen grooves
  • Fragrance of pencils has traces of patchouli, incense and tonka beans
  • Each pencil, 6 3/4L x 5/16 diameter
  • Gift box, 3 1/2W x 8 1/4D x 1/2H
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