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Circa® Right-Brain Business Plan Notebook, Letter

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A business notebook for entrepreneurs and creative types
Note to entrepreneurs and creative project planners: Writing a business plan need not be a laborious and serious task, according to creativity expert and best-selling author Jennifer Lee. Her Right-Brain Business Plan for Circa adds the crucial elements of fun and imagination to making your business dreams a reality. The unique hand-illustrated worksheet formats provide a fun and visual way to ignite imaginations and enhance creativity. Jennifer Lee is the award-winning author of The Right-Brain Business Plan, and spent a decade climbing the corporate ladder before pursuing her creative dreams. Through her workshops, coaching practice and writing, Jennifer empowers others to follow their passions.
  • 60 sheets of Right-Brain Business worksheets, printed in grayscale
  • 4 Big Vision pages to help crystallize your mission
  • 6 Mind Map pages for brainstorming, creating and reflecting
  • 4 Six Pick Up Sticks pages, with six ruled columns for grouping ideas
  • 6 Two Column sheets for comparing and contrasting ideas
  • 12 undated Monthly Calendar pages
  • 10 Action Steps pages with checkboxes and due dates
  • 4 Stop Start Continue pages to inspire more organized project planning
  • 4 pages each of Line Sandwich (ruled sheet), Spiky and Scallop (bordered sheets offering a wide-open space for sketching, journaling or doodling)
  • Includes Jennifer’s tips on how to use each worksheet format
  • Translucent cover with 1/2" Circa discs
  • Sturdy 60-lb. text stock
  • Letter size: 9 1/2W x 1/2D x 11 1/4H (overall), 11W x 8 1/2H (paper)