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Bring note-taking to the next level with the Circa system

Increase productivity, efficiency and organization your way, with a system that adapts to your needs

Circa Leather Foldover Notebook

Start with sleek notebooks you can rearrange

The appeal of Circa is its flexibility. You can easily move pages around in one notebook, and transfer pages from notebook into notebooks of other sizes. As a result, you may find yourself taking notes more quickly, knowing you can always rearrange or remove them later. And our sturdy, top-quality paper rewards you with its fine look and feel.

Circa notebooks come with translucent plastic covers which flip back out of the way when you’re writing. You can replace the plastic cover with a luxurious leather cover with the same functionality—the Circa Leather Foldover Notebook—or select a Circa Leather Jacket or Zip Folio. We offer Circa discs in several sizes so that your notebook can evolve with your needs.

Circa Punch Make any paper Circa paper

Securing your own important papers into a Circa notebook is easy—just use a Circa punch. You can add just about any kind of paper—letterhead, business cards, digital photos—to your Circa notebook. The lightweight portable punch keeps notes and business cards organized when you’re traveling. The desk punch is handy for everyday use and punches up to 8 sheets at a time. We also have a PDA Punch for 3 x 5 cards and business cards.

Update your agenda or address book quickly and easily with Circa

Your agenda or day planner stays more orderly with the help of Circa, and we offer refills and tools to help you accomplish more. Keep your Circa Agenda in a Circa Leather Foldover Notebook or Translucent Notebook dressed in a Circa Leather Jacket or Circa Zip Folio, and it will continue to serve you faithfully year after year.

Circa Leather Jacket

A Circa Address Book is always neat and up to date. When business contacts move or change, simply swap the replacement Circa address card without disturbing the rest of the book.

Get organized with Circa

Whether you’re a busy multitasker with a long and complicated to-do list, a a doctoral student building a case for a dissertation, a novelist creating characters and weaving subplots, or an attorney with a heavy caseload, we think you’ll find that Circa can help you get—and stay—organized. We offer a wide variety of refills and tools including discs in different sizes and colors, tab and pocket dividers, calendars,business card and 3 x 5 card holders, and more.