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Circa Printing from Outlook

Circa makes it easy to organize your schedule. You can print your weekly and monthly schedules from programs such as Microsoft Outlook and then add them to your agenda or notebook, quickly and easily, using a Circa Punch. To get started, choose the Print option under the File tab of your Microsoft Outlook toolbar.

Step 1: From the Outlook Calendar, Go to File, Print, then select Daily, Weekly or Monthly Style in the Print Style box.

Step 2: In the Print Range box, select the Start and End dates.

Step 3: Click on Page Setup.

Step 4: Select the "Paper" Tab.

Step 5: In the Type box, select Letter paper for your printer.

Step 6: In the Size box, select Letter for letter-size notebooks, Letter Half for junior-size notebooks, Billfold for compact size or Pocket for 3 x 5 size.

Step 7: Click OK to return to the main Print menu.

Step 8: Now click OK to print.