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Circa Smart Planner Set 2
Circa Smart Planner Set 2

Circa® smartPlanner Travel Tamer, Letter

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Discover the productivity power of this paper “app” for your Circa smartPlanner
Embedded in the word “paper” is the word “app.” These pads are one of the many paper-based apps that you can get for the Circa smartPlanner system. Add this app to the smartPlanner Agenda or any Circa notebook of corresponding size and ramp up your productivity another notch.

Consolidate your complete itinerary onto one manageable travel document
Flights, connections, airlines, confirmations, rental car, hotels, loyalty accounts, recommended restaurants and sights---trying to manage all the separate emails connected with a trip can make you want to stay home. Travel Tamer to the rescue! Condense all your travel info onto one manageable sheet of paper. Keep it in your smartPlanner Master Agenda till you’re ready to leave. Departing flight info goes on front; car, hotel and returning flights, along with must-sees, go on back.

Keep completed Travel Tamers in your smartPlanner after your trip
They’re a handy, time-saving reference for the next time you’re traveling to the same place. They’re also a helpful record for expense reports. With Circa-punched paper, it’s easy to remove and replace the sheets.
  • Departing flight info on front, including confirmation, frequent flier and seat numbers
  • Car, hotel and returning flight info on back, plus miscellaneous notes
  • Levenger high-quality, 100 gsm paper holds up to repeated use
  • 25 sheets
Take your productivity to a whole new level of customization and fun with Circa organizing apps
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