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A Levenger bag is the symbol of productivity and drive. With leather that’s expertly crafted and thoughtfully designed to meet your varied office and personal needs, keeping your belongings together has never been more convenient or stylish. You’ll find that most of our pieces offer designated space for tablets, phones and laptops, offering protection from scratches and bumps. Each collection is delightfully different, but all are suitable and appropriate for any occasion. 

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Bomber Jacket Cord Roll
Bomber Jacket Cord Roll

Item: AL13040

Price: $99.00

Alexa Backpack

Item: AL14115

Price: $279.00

Charlotte Leather Tote

Item: AL14305

Price: $199.00

Carrie Cash & Card Clutch

Item: AL14990

Price: $79.00

Urbanite Brief Messenger

Item: AM3175

Price: $245.00

Circa® Bond Street Foldover Notebook

Item: AL15135

Price: $109.00-$129.00

Blair Expandable Briefbag

Item: AL15210

Price: $399.00

Circa® Classic Contrast Leather Foldover Notebook

Item: AL15220

Price: $95.00-$105.00

Classic Contrast Folio

Item: AL15230

Price: $155.00

Urbanite Organized Weekender Bag

Item: AM3180

Price: $329.00

Bond Street No. 2 Pencil Case

Item: AL15020

Price: $44.00

Classic Contrast Blair Business Tote

Item: AL15060

Price: $299.00

Bond Street International Pocket Briefcase

Item: AL15100

Price: $79.00

Alexa Multi-Strap Phone Wallet

Item: AL14120

Price: $139.00

Carrie Convertible Clutch
Carrie Convertible Clutch

Item: AL13925

Price: $139.00

Blair Expandable Briefbag - Black
Blair Expandable Briefbag

Item: AL14020

Price: $299.95-$379.00

Alexa Double-Zip Handbag - Empyrean
Alexa Double-Zip Handbag

Item: AL14105

Price: $209.00

Carrie Convertible Clutch, Black/Rose Gold

Item: AL14390

Price: $139.00

Bomber Jacket Circa Leather Foldover Notebook
Circa® Bomber Jacket Leather Foldover Notebook

Item: AL8385

Price: $95.00-$105.00

Bond Street Shirt Pocket Briefcase

Item: AL15095

Price: $59.00

Urbanite Briefbag

Item: AM2990

Price: $229.00

Kara Crossbody

Item: AL14840

Price: $199.00

Classic Contrast Leather Zip Pocket Notebook Belt

Item: AL15235

Price: $39.00-$45.00

Classic Contrast Card Courier

Item: AL15225

Price: $50.00

Sophie Briefbag

Item: AL14845

Price: $329.00

Urbanite Backpack

Item: AM3015

Price: $199.00

Bond Street Micro Tech Organizer

Item: AL15110

Price: $75.00

Bomber Jacket Expandable Brief 2.0
Bomber Jacket Expandable Brief 2.0

Item: AL13795

Price: $425.00

Carrie Coin and Card Wallet
Carrie Coin and Card Wallet

Item: AL13920

Price: $59.00

Alexa Crossbody Traveler - Black
Alexa Crossbody Traveler

Item: AL14110

Price: $229.00

Blair Briefbag - Grape
Blair Briefbag

Item: AL14025

Price: $219.95-$269.00

Urbanite Messenger

Item: AM2960

Price: $149.00

Bomber Jacket Ambi-Flex Folio, Letter
Bomber Jacket Ambi-Flex Folio

Item: AL13455

Price: $159.00-$179.00

Bond Street Swiftnotes

Item: AL15090

Price: $55.00

Classic Contrast Passport Jacket

Item: AL15040

Price: $59.00

Carrie Convertible Clutch, Italian Caramel

Item: AL14475

Price: $149.00

Evelyn Envelope Briefbag

Item: AL14865

Price: $369.00

Alexa Petite Crossbody

Item: AL15145

Price: $159.00

Urbanite Messenger and Pouch

Item: AM2970

Price: $159.00

Classic Contrast Checkbook Cover

Item: AL15050

Price: $69.00

Bond Street Passport Jacket

Item: AL15115

Price: $65.00

Bomber Jacket Laptop Messenger

Item: AL7420

Price: $299.00

Bomber Jacket Briefolio
Bomber Jacket Briefolio®

Item: AL7410

Price: $165.00

Urbanite Pouch

Item: AM2965

Price: $25.00

Charlotte Leather Pouch

Item: AL14310

Price: $55.00

Classic Contrast Accordion Wallet

Item: AL15055

Price: $109.00

Bond Street Wallet

Item: AL15130

Price: $80.00

Classic Contrast Blair Briefbag

Item: AL15035

Price: $299.00

Classic Contrast Duo Travel Case

Item: AL15065

Price: $149.00

Bond Street Flip Wallet

Item: AL15125

Price: $85.00

Charlotte Canvas Tote

Item: AM2930

Price: $89.00

Bomber Jacket Shirt Pocket Briefcase

Item: AL9405

Price: $55.00

Bomber Jacket Backpack Brief 2.0

Item: AL13830

Price: $379.00

Charlotte Leather Tote & Pouch

Item: AL14325

Price: $239.00

Bond Street Card Wallet

Item: AL15120

Price: $60.00

Classic Contrast Duo Travel Pouch

Item: AL15070

Price: $74.00

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