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Double Eyeglass Cases

Eyeglasses and sunglasses are an investment that you want to protect. We've all damaged at least one pair of glasses. Help protect your eyeglasses with an eyeglass case from Levenger. Choose from our quality selection of soft or hard eyeglass cases.

About Double Eyeglass Cases

The German philosopher Nietzsche once said “Sometimes it just takes stronger eyeglasses to cure those who are in love...” For those bespectacled millions out there, Levenger’s online catalog brings you a new double eyeglass case that you will fall in love with immediately, regardless of Nietzsche’s pessimistic admonitions. Stronger eyeglasses are often an inevitable sign of aging, but chips, scratches, and bent or broken frames don’t have to be when you care enough to protect your eyeglasses with Levenger’s double eyeglass case.

Eyeglasses are typically quite expensive, especially with prescription sunglasses and/or bifocals, so discover a better protection plan for your continued ocular investments with Levenger’s superb double eyeglass case, and rest easy knowing even your smallest investments are safe and secure. Levenger’s double eyeglass case holds two pairs of eyeglasses so you can actually keep three pairs of glasses with you at any one time to better handle whatever the day throws your way. The handy double eyeglass case also has a handy, sewn–in cleaning cloth and the two attached belt loops enable you to wear the case around your waist while keeping your hands and pockets free. The double double eyeglass case from Levenger’s online catalog will make a great gift for each one of the eyeglass wearers in your family, so make your Holiday shopping completely vanish in a few simple clicks with the aid of Levenger’s online catalog.