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Graphite with Studio Pad

ITEM: AP16745
Mini graphite sculpture that also writes like a pencil
Doubling as a writing instrument, each graphite creation is meticulously handcrafted using innovative methods originated by artist Agelio Batle. The natural graphite is infused with smudge resistant compounds that are molded into specialized forms under intense pressure. Made in the United States. Available in owl, dog, cat, koi or elephant forms. 

About Batle Studio
San Francisco artist Agelio Batle’s Drawing Hand is committed to making art from materials that are part of our daily lives. Each graphite object can write on paper. The artist originated this work by casting his own hand (Drawing Hand No. 1) in graphite, each day for the 1999 calendar year. Wishing to share the insights gleaned from the sculptural process he created an entire collection of graphite objects. 
  • - Includes pad with 200 pages of 90-gsm paper
  • - Graphite objects are approximately 2 5/8L x 1W x 5/8H
  • - Pad is approximately 8 1/2W x 2 1/2D x 1H
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