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Shop our selection of Inkwells. An Inkwell from Levenger is the perfect companion for your fine fountain pen.

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Amodex Ink Remover
Amodex Ink Remover

Item: PR0960

Price: $18.00

About Inkwells

Hearken back to a time when every written communication had a subtle touch of elegance through discovering the touch a fountain pen and inkwell set from Levenger’s online catalog. Levenger offers a wide variety of classic inkwell and fountain pen sets, so you can easily reconnect yourself with a simpler time, when the written word and the finely turned phrase were the epitome of communication. In this day of digitally dominated desktops, an inkwell and fountain pen from Levenger’s online catalog are sure to make your desk attract an envious and curious glance from all who pass by. Clients and coworkers alike will want to dip the fine nib of your fountain pen into the glittering inkwell and try their hand on your desk blotter.

Order an inkwell and fountain pen from Levenger and you can find yourself indulging in some self-contained literary fantasies from the safety and protection of your own cubicle. Don a pair of pince-nez, dip your fountain pen into your inkwell, raise it aloft and shout, “I’d prefer not to.” Or circulate an inner office ‘declaration of non-dairy creamer independence’ and be the first to sign it in huge, flowing, and democratic strokes. An inkwell and fountain pen set from Levenger’s online catalog will certainly look great on your desk and will do a lot to move your name up on the water cooler chat list.