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Laptop Lights

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Absolute Reading Lamp, Table
Absolute Reading Table Lamp

Item: LD355

Price: $398.00

Holtkoetter Absolute Swing-Arm Floor Lamp
Absolute Swing-Arm Floor Lamp

Item: LF0640

Price: $698.00

Holtkoetter Little Star Table Lamp
Little Star Table Lamp

Item: LT0785

Price: $398.00

Holtkoetter Absolute Reading Floor Lamp
Absolute Reading Floor Lamp

Item: LF0610

Price: $498.00

Holtkoetter Chairside Cosmos Lamp
Chairside Cosmos Lamp

Item: LF0330

Price: $798.00

About Laptop Lights

When you are out of the office and away from your desk, you may encounter lighting situations that are not ideal, making the laptop light from Levenger a smart and almost effortless solution. Levenger’s laptop light is a portable light source you can take anywhere you are heading when you need to improve upon your quality laptop time. Whether you are working late, en route to an out of town meeting, or sitting up in bed surfing the ‘net, the laptop light will cast a bright, even glow across the working space of your laptop but it won’t disturb those around you who may be trying to rest.

The soft glow of the Levenger laptop light is created by a state of the art LED illuminator, the same kind of light that is being emitted by your laptop screen, so there is no glare or reflection created when you employ your Levenger laptop light. Considering how many hours the avid laptop aficionado puts in with his or her laptop, without the aid of a laptop light, you subject your eyes to a lot of unneeded strain. Levenger’s laptop light is designed to cut down on eyestrain and reduce your resulting fatigue with its cool, even LED bulbs and the laptop light is feather-light and simply clips on, so it also reduces on your associated lap strain. Use the Levenger laptop light in conjunction with our other laptop accessories and make your laptop time become some real quality time.