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Leather Guide

The Value of Luxury

Levenger leathers are among the highest quality. Of the five grades of leather, we use only the top two, and only the best parts of the hide, so that almost all our leathers are full grain.

Our leathers have a rich tone that resonates through years of use, the result of color being absorbed into the hide rather than painted on the surface. Every piece has its own signature. The pattern, texture and color are as unique as handwriting.

Each leather product is the appropriate thickness for its design and use, with edges properly turned and stitching that is uniform. Such details are part of what distinguishes good leather from outstanding, and a piece you merely own from one you cherish.

LivingstonThe Power of Purpose

By design, our leathers must delight their owners not only because they're beautiful but because they're functional, too.

The best leather is the one that's ideal for its purpose. Some cases and bags call for a sturdy leather, some for a soft leather, others for a mix of both. We use the leathers that make each piece the most useful. Levenger leathers are more than just luxuries. They are luxury that works.

The Virtue of Good Care

If liquid spills on the leather, blot it immediately. Shield leather from direct sun in large doses. Use only gentle cleaners. Avoid anything abrasive, including saddle soap. The best care you can give any good leather is to use it. The more you put Levenger leathers to work, the deeper they will reward you with a burnished patina and comforting feel. Even better than a fine wine, our leathers age like a rich and mellow cognac.

The Pleasure of Options

You can choose many ways to enjoy this functional luxury. In the bags you carry and the folios you work from, in the journals you keep and the notebooks you write in. In reading chairs and working chairs, for organizers and deskscapes—even in handsome coverings for laptops and other electronics. In leather, seemingly ordinary tools become out of the ordinary.

"Have nothing...that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."—William Morris