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Leather Satchel Handbags

Our collection of briefcases and totes are an ideal way to organize with style. Shop for men's briefcases, women's totes and more. Whether you need to transport your laptop or just a few files, you'll find what you're looking for here.

About Leather Satchel Handbags

If you have an appetite for supreme classics, you are going to love our leather satchel handbags. Nothing else performs as well or is as versatile. The beauty of leather is that it is at once sophisticated and in the blink of an eye, casual and warm. Only the best leather can offer you such versatility. May we suggest a leather satchel handbag for your weekend getaway? Make it impromptu and tuck in a map and a travel journal, a pair of pajamas and a good pair of walking shoes and you’re off to explore the charming town you’ve driven through a hundred times. Go to a friend’s house for dinner and spend the night this time. Stay up late chatting and catching up and lounge over coffee in the morning before heading home.

Your leather satchel handbag can hold the bottle of wine you’ve brought and your toothbrush plus a change of clothes. If you travel, a leather satchel handbag is indispensable as a carry on bag. Stuff it full of reading materials, a bottle of water, an apple, your iPod and cell phone and you’re ready for the flight and the inevitable delays. Customers have even used our leather satchel handbag to replace other accessories. Toss the diaper bag with cutesy cartoon characters and sling a sophisticated leather satchel handbag over your shoulder and even Dad will get in on the act of changing diapers. Sometimes the briefcase is too serious for a casual business meeting. Toss a file inside and your leather satchel handbag works great as a professional workbag.