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A magnifier has been used for centuries for very good reason. A quality magnifier allows you to see small print when you otherwise just can't. We offer a selection of quality hand held pocket magnifiers and reading magnifiers that can be used at home or when you travel.

About Magnifiers

When newsprint or even your favorite book starts to suspiciously appear like some miniscule fine print, a magnifier might be the answer to more comfortable and complete reading experiences. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, a magnifier is made to be at its core, highly portable and efficient-but you don’t have to stop there. Have a little fun and choose a more playful and dressed up magnifier to leave on your desk at home, or maybe select a slim and highly portable magnifier that has its own case and is meant to slip easily in and out of pockets or purses so you can always feel like you can see everything you could ever want to.

Never again be forced to squint at a menu in a dimly lit restaurant, for your magnifier will make every selection easier, clearer and more complete to read. Avoid eyestrain in any situation and the problems associated with poor vision by employing a simple magnifier to bring every word back into focus.

Many times, glasses are not necessarily the right answer because you may only need to read something quickly, so your magnifier will become a solid component in making you feel like you are ready for anything coming your way. Select a magnifier from Levenger’s online catalog and you will have the opportunity to see everything down to the fine print, and then have a jump on anything that life decides to throw your way.