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Montblanc Ink Cartridges - Mistery Black

Montblanc Ink Cartridges (Set of 8)

ITEM: PR2050
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Fountain pen cartridges for your Montblanc
Designed to work with any Montblanc fountain pen that uses a cartridge system, these premium inks are designed to reveal a different aspect of your multidimensional writing self. Made in Germany. 
  • Set of 8 cartridges
  • Choose mystery black or royal blue
  • For revelation—unveil your secrets with mystery black and enjoy the allure of a velvet night
  • For finesse–noble to the core, royal blue lends an air of classical refinement to your writing
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Ink Refills:  Cartridges and other refills ship free  (bottled ink is $4)
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