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Montegrappa Elmo Ballpoint

Montegrappa Elmo Ballpoint

ITEM: AP17498
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Elegant simplicity in a compact Ballpoint design recalling the Bauhaus style of the 1920s
The Elmo ballpoint pen exhibits a classic form, ergonomically ideal for the smoothest writing sensation. Subtly engraved with the contemporary logo of Montegrappa.

About Montegrappa’s “Elmo”
Montegrappa’s latest release sees a return to its “a pen for the people" roots and the vision of its original co- founder, Heinrich ‘Elmo’ Helm. Helm was the company’s first technical director – a figure with an industriousness and optimism reminiscent of today’s tech entrepreneurs. His know-how and charisma inspired the fledgling company to name its first products after him, and Elmo pens would go on to be mainstays of Italian offices and schools for decades to come. The Elmo 01 is a compact, all-round pen that recalls the international style popularized by Bauhaus throughout the 1920s. Portability, reliability and efficiency were his mantra. Handmade from resin and stainless steel, it brings robust, all-round performance, honest simplicity and a century of know-how. In 2019, pens are again being sought out as essential items of every day carry and the European designed Elmo returns as a pen conceived to reawaken a love for penmanship, with charms to lure a generation more accustomed to texting.

  • - Black resin
  • - Stainless steel trim
  • - Twist mechanism
  • - Includes a handsome gift box
  • - We offer ink

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