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Paula Skene

Artist Paula Skene purchased her first foil stamping and embossing press and assembled a team to move the business forward in 1980. From day one, her mission has been to create the highest quality notes that reflect unique designs that captivate and hold your attention. In her creative process, she does not rush - she focuses on creating fewer cards of exceptional design.

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Sparkler Cupcake Cards. Set/8.
Sparkler Cupcake Cards (Set of 8)

Item: ADS10715

Price: $39.00

Tree with Ornaments Mini Note
Tree with Ornaments Mini Note (Set of 8)

Item: ADS10840

Price: $12.50

The Star of David
The Star of David Cards (Set of 8)

Item: ADS10845

Price: $19.50

Snowy Forest Mini Note
Snowy Forest Mini Note (Set of 8)

Item: ADS10865

Price: $12.50

Happy Roses Cards. Set/8.
Happy Roses Cards (Set of 8)

Item: ADS10720

Price: $39.00

Starring Cake Birthday Cards. Set/8.
Starring Cake Birthday Cards (Set of 8)

Item: ADS10735

Price: $39.00

Typewriter Thank You Note
Typewriter Thank You Notes (Set of 8)

Item: ADS10410

Price: $25.00

Scallop Shell Note
Scallop Shell Note Cards (Set of 8)

Item: ADS10425

Price: $25.00

Quill Thank You Card
Quill Thank You Cards (Set of 8)

Item: ADS10405

Price: $29.00

Eiffel Tower Thank You Note
Eiffel Tower Thank You Notes

Item: ADS10420

Price: $25.00

Peacock Trio Everyday Card
Peacock Trio Everyday Cards (Set of 8)

Item: ADS10400

Price: $29.00