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Pineider Milano Gift Set

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A notecard gift set for those who love to write letters
Give the gift of elegance with the notecard gift set by Pineider. The set includes Pineider 104 straight cut, watermarked and 340 straight cut, watermarked cards. Envelopes are tissue-lined and embossed with the Pineider logo. Available in white or ivory.

About Pineider
With over 200 years of history to its name, the Pineider brand remains true to the original designs created by its founder, Mr. Francesco Pineider in 1774 in Florence, Italy. Having evolved to keep up with contemporary trends and fashion, they still remain true to tradition, hand-crafting their paper in Florence and elegant writing instruments in Tuscany. This well-known and respected brand has been chosen by celebrated historic figures such as Lord Byron, Percy Shelley and Napoleon Bonaparte to modern-day politicians, authors and celebrities like Angela Merkel, Madonna and Barack Obama. Pineider is a 100% family business that respects traditional Italian craftmanship, honoring those who love high quality.

  • - Pineider 104 straight cut, watermarked paper is perfect for business or personal correspondence
  • - Pineider 340 straight cut, watermarked cards are made specially for formal invitations, menu cards, announcements, save the date and courtesy cards
  • - Tissue-lined envelopes are embossed with the Pineider logo
  • - Small Set includes 100 large (A4) sheets and 100 large (A4) envelopes
  • - Large Set includes 100 large (A4) sheets, 100 large (A4) envelopes, 60 small (A5) sheets and 60 small (A5) envelopes
  • -Extra Large Set includes 100 large (A4) sheets, 60 large (A4) envelopes, 50 small (A5) sheets, 30 small (A5) envelopes, 50 3x5 cards, 50 3x5 envelopes, 30 2 x 3 ¾ cards, and 30 2 x 3 ¾ envelopes
  • - Presented in a hand-made storage box, with an engraved logo of the collection on the cover
  • - Milano boxes are handmade, with an engraved logo of the collection on the cover
  • - Made in Italy