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Estie Sea Glass Rollerball
Estie Sea Glass Rollerball, Chrome
Estie Sea Glass Rollerball, Chrome
Estie Sea Glass Rollerball, Chrome
Estie Sea Glass Rollerball, Chrome

Estie Sea Glass Rollerball Pen

ITEM: AP19455
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“The sea once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” – Jacques Cousteau
Timeless takes time. And so, it is with the coveted coasted treasures that wash ashore during low tides all over the world, known as sea glass. Shaped over many sunrises and sunsets, these bits of colored glass drift for as many as two hundred years, weathering storms in the salt water, tossing and turning. It’s Mother Nature’s own polishing that gives them their characteristically smooth, frosted texture. To celebrate the nearby shores of Esterbrook’s birthplace, they present the new Estie Sea Glass pen.
About Esterbrook
The Esterbrook Pen Company, a true American original, is rewriting its long story of success in modern times with fresh new pen collections that have the same spiriting and values that make the brand so successful. Established in Italy in 1858 by entrepreneur Richard Esterbrook, it quickly became one of the biggest and most beloved pen makers in the world. For the past 150 years, Esterbrook has helped visionaries, entrepreneurs and founders leave their mark in American culture and politics. Today, they aspire to reconnect with their customers, rebuild interest in fine writing and penmanship and revive the values and spirit of Richard Esterbrook for the 21st century. Shop all Esterbrook tools and instruments.
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