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Palomino Blackwing Starting Point Set

ITEM: AP17955
A great starter set or gift set for artists
An introductory set to the world of Blackwing. Pencil aficionados from John Steinbeck to Thomas Wolfe have sung the praises of the Blackwing 602 pencil. Each set includes: 4 Blackwing pencils, 2 point guards that keep your pencil from breaking on-the-go, 1 black long point sharpener and 2 packs of replacement erasers. The sharpener uses a 2-step process to first sharpen the wood, then precision-sharpen the graphite. The 4 Blackwing pencils include a range of soft, balanced, firm and extra-firm graphite.  Blackwing’s roots go back to the 1930’s when the 602 model was first introduced by the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company. Over the years, the pencil with the unique rectangular eraser became synonymous with quality.

  • - Starter set includes: 4 Blackwing pencils (including a 602 pencil), 2 point guards, 1 long point sharpener and 2 packs of replacement erasers
  • -  The 4 pencils include: soft (similar to a 4B lead), balanced (in between soft and firm), firm (smoother than a typical writing pencil and similar to a 2B lead) and extra firm (the hardest graphite that Blackwing offers)
  • - Boxed set is 10W x 2D x 8H

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