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Six 5.6 mm True Writer® Clutch Pencil Refills

ITEM: PR1260
Drylighter refills for your highlighter
Tired of ink smears on your fingers when you use a standard highlighter? Or does your wet highlighter dry out too quickly? Use our drylighter refills, and you may never go back to traditional highlighters. These top-quality drylighter refills fit our True Writer Highlighter and Graphiti Grip Drylighter.
  • Set of six refills (one each of pink, yellow, green and 3 graphite, or all yellow drylighter leads)
  • Doesn’t bleed through paper like ordinary highlighters
  • Long-lasting and doesn’t need a cap
  • 5.6mm leads
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Ink Refills:  Cartridges and other refills ship free  (bottled ink is $4)