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Travel Document Holders

Travel should be enjoyable and worry free whether traveling for business or pleasure. Let us help make your travels easier with a travel case from Levenger. Choose from our quality selection of passport holders, luggage tags, travel wallets, accessory cases, and more.

About Travel Document Holders

Gone are the days when one could just breeze onto a flight with a ticketing agent taking a slight glance at a ticket. These days, we all must be prepared to have proper documentation before we even hand over our suitcase at the curb. If you have traveled recently, you know the importance of having your documents and tickets handy at all times. The long lines would move a lot more smoothly if everyone would keep their important items together and ready for inspection in a travel document holder. Think of the appreciation you’ll receive from those standing behind you in line when you whip out your trusty travel document holder and are ready to go in a flash! Plus, think of how great you’ll look doing it.

In an array of styles and colors, we offer travel document holders that are sure to please all types of travelers. Whether you’re constantly in the air or have been saving for a special trip this year, save yourself time beautifully by arriving at the airport prepared for each line of inspection. Large enough to hold everything from your tickets and boarding passes, to your driver’s license, passport, and hotel confirmation, you can go from your driveway to your hotel room without having to delve into your briefcase even once. What could be more convenient than that?