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The Birth of the True Writer® and the
Renaissance of Pleasing Pens

My grandfather taught penmanship. He began in the 1920s and continued until his retirement from teaching high school in the 1950s. Each year, the Esterbrook Pen Company sent my grandfather a few pens in the hopes that he would demonstrate them in his classes. Whether he did, I don't know. He passed in 1957 when I was still bouncing on knees. All I know is that I inherited a cardboard box full of Esterbrook pens. It was like a little treasure chest.

Esterbrook sold steel nibs for
a variety of uses from a
unique carousel display case
True Writer Fountain Pen nib  

A Top-Quality Pen for Everyone

  True Writer

In 1856 Esterbrook became one of the first steel nib manufacturers in the United States. Prior to the Civil War, people still used quills, cut with pen knives. In 1920 the company introduced its first fountain pen, providing the mainstream market with a high-quality writing instrument at a reasonable price. It filled from an inkwell or bottle, as did all fountain pens then. It was a rugged little pen with a steel nib, and came in a variety of colors.

True Writer Carries on the Tradition

Esterbrook, after being one of the most popular pens around, failed to make a successful transition to the jet-age era of ballpoints. But their vibrant colors, affordability and robust reliability provided the inspiration for our first True Writer, launched in 1999. Today, we¹re proud to offer the True Writer Fountain Pen, Rollerball and Ballpoint in a panoply of colors and styles, as well as vivid ink refills to go with them. In your hand, their lustrous barrels are even more vibrant than our photography pros can show you. The marvel is that such a rich-looking pen can be so reasonably priced, just as the old Esterbrooks were.

As our line of True Writer pens and matching tools continues to grow, you can look forward to products and services we think will delight you.


True Writer Time Line

Ultra Violet
February 2011
Café au Lait
September 2010
Sea Glass Mini
November 2008
Water Lilies
October 2008
October 2008
Starry Night
September 2008
Ivory & Gold
August 2008
July 2008
Demonstrator Pinkly
June 2008
Demonstrator Amethyst
June 2008
Fiery Amber
April 2008
Slim Ballpoint
February 2008
Lobby Pen and
True Writer Pen Stand
February 2008
Mini Pink
November 2007
Mini Black
November 2007
Obsidian Gold
September 2007
Flourish Cranberry
September 2007
Flourish Frost
September 2007
Flourish Forest
September 2007
Illuminator Blue
September 2007
Illuminator Gunmetal
September 2007
Demonstrator Fireball
May 2007
Demonstrator Always Greener
May 2007
Demonstrator Bahama Blue
May 2007
True Blue
April 2007
April 2007
February 2007
February 2007
November 2006
Golden Tortoise
October 2006
September 2006
Metalist Pearl
September 2006
Metalist Amethyst
September 2006
Metalist Sapphire
September 2006
Metalist Ebony
September 2006
January 2006
August 2005
January 2004
November 2002
Pearl Blue
October 2002
May 2002
September 2001
March 2001
October 2000
April 2000
April 2000
October 1999
July 1999
February 1999