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Tusting Shoulder Strap, Extra Long

ITEM: AL12330
An extended shoulder strap for your Tusting English leather bag
Need a longer strap when carrying your Levenger Tusting bag? This adjustable leather shoulder strap has an extra-long drop length of 24 inches. Tusting’s famed leather is lovingly produced to enhance its characteristics of durability, water resistance and ease of maintenance.
Made in England, expressly for Levenger
These are heirloom-quality pieces, made in England by Tusting of Buckinghamshire, creator of fine leather goods since 1875. These rich Tusting leathers mellow with age, acquiring that comfortably worn-in look, as if you’ve owned them forever. Some variations may occur in coloring, as the leather is finished by hand using an age-old process.
A word about the wax in Tusting leather
One of the reasons this full-grain leather has such a rich and resilient character is because of the wax that's deeply ingrained. Occasionally this wax may leave a mark on clothing, so do take care. For Tusting leather not to have this wax, though, would be like England not to have history. It's part of what makes your Tusting bag endure.
  • -Extra-long adjustable shoulder strap for the Tusting BriefbagClipperExplorer and Messenger Brief bags
  • -1W x 1/4D x 56 1/2L, with a 24-inch drop length
  • -Smooth, polished full-grain leather in tobacco or black
  • -Brass hardware
  • -Made in England

The British have a talent for putting craftsmanship first and taking the time that attention to detail demands. We work with a small, family-owned tannery tucked away in the Buckinghamshire countryside to create these leather goods. The leather is as aromatic as a new saddle and has the same substantial feel.

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