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Women’s Purses

Treat yourself to a leather tote or handbag that will hold everything you need. Our women's totes and bags combine style and comfort with versatility and function. Choose a tote from Levenger and enhance your personal sense of style.

About Women’s Purses

As a child, only your mother knew of all the mysterious contents promised by a women’s purse. Great leather bags, filled to overflowing with money and candy and checkbooks and crayons and everything—in hindsight, a women’s purse almost seemed like a treasure box. At Levenger, we want every woman to feel she has the right to own and fill her very own treasure box, to add to the mystery by finding her next unique and practical women's purse among the many offered within our online catalog. A superior women’s purse is really no great mystery, it starts with a solid construction and attention to every detail. Every women’s purse offered within Levenger’s online catalog is guaranteed to use the highest standards in manufacturing, with strong lightweight canvases and nylons or rich, soft leather giving you everything you want.

Select from a wide range of available selected color options, and you can tailor fit your new women’s purse to match or redefine your established personal style. And your women's purse from Levenger has a variety of options to select from when you are considering just how many treasures you want to bring with you every day; from the compact to the spacious and accommodating, Levenger wants to help you easily find the right women’s purse to answer all your needs and concerns, and give any children in your life something to dream about.