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World Clocks

Clocks keep us on time and on schedule whether we are at home or traveling. Shop our unique collection of desk clocks, world clocks, bedside alarm clocks, and travel alarm clocks. Keep your busy schedule on track with a desktop clock from Levenger.

About World Clocks

Jules Verne once created a wonderful story about traveling around the world in 80 days, and if you were to do that today, you would most definitely want to take a world clock as your reliable little travel mate. Ready to tell you the proper time anywhere you might be heading, a world clock will let you plan accurately, and know just what to anticipate. The world clock is small enough to easily slip into any overnight bag or small tote you travel with, and ready to fit on your nightstand without taking over or getting in the way. Each world clock combines digital and analog technologies so you can have a dependable and accurate timepiece wherever you are. Check the local time of your next destination, or use the world clock to check in back home while you travel overseas.

Because the times displayed on our world clock make it easy to read and understand, our world clock makes a wonderful educational tool to introduce your children to the different time zones found around the world. Bring a sense of wonder to the imagination of any young person by using the world clock to show them how early it is right now down in Australia, or that it is always nighttime somewhere. You might not personally have to make it all the way around the world in 80 days as Jules Verne’s characters did, but a world clock from Levenger’s online catalog will let you be ready for it at any time.