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Pilot Enso Plumix Hand Lettering Kit

Savor the joy of artful writing and drawing
Hydrangea vary in color from delicate whites to vivid pinks to, as the original Japanese name implies, “a gathering of blues.” Inspired by the hydrangea are the range of colors in this Plumix Hydrangea hand lettering set from striking pink to royal blue to deep black barrel colors. An array of nib styles (fine, medium and broad) make up the Plumix Hydrangea collection. Matching ink cartridges, five of each color, complete the set so you can mix and match hues and line weights, as varied as the blooms that inspired them. 
  • - Includes 3 Plumix fountain pens (fine, medium and broad nibs)
  • - 15 assorted refill cartridges – 5 black, 5 pink and 5 royal blue
  • - Includes a helpful instruction book

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