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Faber-Castell 20-Minute Studio Marbling Set

You’ll learn to create the most beautifully unique marble creations with this set
A beginner's guide for marbling art, this kit includes a Pitt Artist Pen, 12 colors of Soft Pastels, five sheets of paper, 12 die cut tags, two sheets of gold foil transfers with transfer stick, sanding board for breaking up the pastels, glitter and a design guide. Learn this trendy technique with a mix of exciting products to create unique pieces of art. This 36-piece kit is all you need for the unique and beautiful art of
marbling! You will truly be amazed by what you can create.

  • - Includes Pitt Artist Pen Black XS
  • - 12 colors of Soft Pastels (Dark Cadmium Yellow, Orange, Permanent Carmine, Light Magenta, Earth Green Yellow, Permanent Green, Ice Blue, Middle Pthalo Blue, Lilac, Violet, White, Black)
  • - Five Sheets of Paper
  • - 12 die cut tags
  • - Two Sheets of gold foil transfers
  • - Glitter
  • - Transfer Stick
  • - Sanding board
  • - Design guide