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Faber-Castell 20-Minute Studio Watercolor Art Set

You’ll be on your way to learning the fine art of watercolor painting with this smart Watercolor Art set
The Faber-Castell Watercolor Art for Beginners Kit features a perfect blend of high-quality art materials for learning fun watercolor techniques. Smart little set includes a Pitt Artist Pen Black XS, 3 Watercolor Pencils (#419 Light Magenta, #463 Emerald, #434 Orchid), Paintbrush, 2 Mixed Media Stencils, Watercolor Palette (Lemon Yellow, Orange, Red, Rose Red, Pink, Light Purple, Blue, Blue Green, Green, Yellow Green), eight Sheets of Watercolor Paper and a Design Guide.

  • - Incluldes nine Watercolors in a palette (Blue, Blue Green, Lemon Yellow, Light Purple, Orange, Pink, Red, Rose Red, and Yellow Green)
  • - Eight Sheets of 300 gsm watercolor paper (4" × 6")
  • - Three Watercolor pencils (Emerald, Light Magenta, and Orchid)
  • - Two Mixed Media stencils
  • - Pitt Artist Pen (XS)
  • - #4 Round Brush
  • - Design guide

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