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Estie Honeycomb Fountain Pen

ITEM: AP18070
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The colors of golden sunsets are reflected in the barrel of this beautiful pen
The newest Estie is a tribute to the prismatic beauty of a light-filled honeycomb. Honey is as old as history itself, used for more than 8,000 years by ancient civilizations as a gift to the Gods. Archeologists excavating Egypt’s famous pyramids discovered tombs that contained still-edible 3,000-year-old honey. Bees also know the magic of crystallized honey, storing and using it for food as fall arrives and winter approaches. The Estie Honeycomb is flecked with the colors of rich amber, golden sunsets and is reminiscent of the rainbow of rustling leaves underfoot. Available in either Medium or Fine nib.

About Esterbrook
The Esterbrook Pen Company, a true American original, is rewriting its long story of success in modern times. Esterbrook began manufacturing nibs in the United States in the mid-1800s. The 1930s became a period of importance for Esterbrook, as they introduced their first interchangeable nib system in 1933. Today, a similar system is reborn with the Estie and the specially engineered MV adaptor. This allows you to fit any vintage Esterbrook nib unit into this adaptor and use it with your modern fountain pen.

  • - Comfortably balanced fountain pen
  • - Gold-plated appointments
  • - Nib is manufactured in Germany by JOWO
  • - Blended and turned acrylic resin with a high-polished finish
  • - Cushion cap closure provides secondary seal to preserve a wet point
  • - Cartridge or converter fill
  • - Sleek gold-plated clip provides clean accent for the cap
  • - Cap can post
  • - We offer ink refills
  • - 5 4/5 x 2/3 diameter closed, 6 5/7 x 2/3 diameter posted; .8 ounces

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