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Montegrappa Leonardo Rollerball

ITEM: AP17515
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His inventiveness extended to his handwriting, thus a Rollerball to match
The universal genius of Leonardo da Vinci joins our homage to history’s greatest minds. Five hundred years after his passing, his vision continues to astound modern art and science scholars. Whether depicting divine beauty or devising machines of war, nature’s intricate designs were Leonardo’s constant muse. Engineering, mathematics and sublime creativity converge in a fusion of olive wood and meticulous metal craft.
Limited to five hundred unique, numbered rollerball pen designs on earth, made from fine, aged olive wood and satin finished stainless steel, fashioned with fret working according to Da Vinci’s geometric theories and concepts. The cap’s inner core is crafted in brass, the metal of choice for engineers of his era. Intricate engravings representing some of his recurrent technical drawings, while the grip is embellished in laser etchings of Leonardo’s stereo metric half-moons, the transformations of lunules.
Finally, the pen’s packaging pays homage to Leonardo da Vinci’s impact with a pen box inspired by Leonardo’s “magic cube” and an interactive scale model of da Vinci’s fighting vehicle for you to construct yourself.

  • - Aged olive wood barrel with satin finished stainless steel grip
  • - Engraved stainless steel grip section
  • - Twist off brass cap
  • - Brilliant interactive wooden model and gift box included
  • - We offer ink refills