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Retro 51 Tornado Vintage Metalsmith Albert Rollerball/ Pencil Set

ITEM: AP17945
Genius set inspired by Albert Einstein includes capless rollerball and mechanical pencil
Designed as a tribute to Einstein, this Retro 51 Rollerball pen and matching mechanical pencil feature Albert’s famous chalkboard calculations, including the E=MC2 formula. The stainless steel barrel is set off by stone wash accents with lacquer-printed writing and a protective clear coat. Pencil comes with lead and a white eraser. Set includes 6 extra white erasers and a pack of 12 extra 1.15mm pencil leads. The matching tube can be used as a pen and pencil stand. The pen offers a smooth writing experience.

  • - Stainless steel barrel of the pen and pencil, printed with Einstein’s famous calculations
  • - Includes rollerball pen, mechanical pencil, 12 pack of 1.15mm pencil lead and 6 pack of white erasers
  • - Stone wash accents and a knurled twist top
  • - Capless rollerball
  • - Matching tube can be used as a pen stand
  • - We offer rollerball ink refills
  • - We offer lead refills and eraser refills
  • - 5 3/5W x 3/5 diameter