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True Writer® Classic Sea Glass Rollerball

ITEM: AP18065
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Soft hues of the beach beautifully complement the chrome appointments
We’ve brought back this timeless True Writer design. The delight of finding a weathered piece of sea glass by the beach is wonderfully encapsulated in this rollerball pen. Green, blue and other gentle hues are offset by the chrome trim.  As with all our True Writers®, this pen is perfectly weighted and balanced for a comfortable writing experience. 

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Here's what our Co-Founder, Steve Leveen, has to say about this product:
"If you’ve ever picked up sea glass on the beach, you know it’s a gift. Like a garden, sea glass is an example of inspired choreography between human made and nature made. Ever patient sea and sand soften our accidents, and lay them, like jewels, at our feet. We paid tribute to these translucent wonders in 2007 when we premiered our Sea Glass True Writer. It sold well, but we retired the design a few years later. But customers weren’t ready to say goodbye. So this year, we answered with our encore Sea Glass fountain pens, roller balls and ballpoints that are even sweeter than the original. Our new models have sea glass buttons on the tops of the caps (the originals were black) and the True Writer script logo is now engraved on the back of the belly band.
True Writers, now 21 years old, are of legal drinking age, and the fountain pens drink responsibly from your choice of Levenger inky microbrews. Set your needle down on a favorite LP and relax to write a card, slowly, the old fashioned way. By the time you press the stamp on the envelope, you’ll hear the gentle thewp, thewp, thewp that lets you know it’s time to lift the arm and flip your record to the other side."

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