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ystudio Pencil Lead Box

ITEM: PR2325
Brass box to store and transport pencil lead
This hexagonal brass pencil lead box is for storing lead for your machinal pencils (lead not included). It’s suitable to store leads of 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 0.9mm. This lead box can prevent those leads from breaking as you go about your day. The color of the box changes over time with use, gaining patina as it is exposed to the elements. You can restore its original luster by wiping it down with a cloth and copper oil. Without any surface treatment, it will gain the individual marks given by the constant use of its owner.

  • - Brass lead box designed to hold lead shorted than 63mm
  • - Lead not included
  • - Comes gift boxed
  • - 3 1/3W x 1/3D x 1/3H; 0.48 ounces

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