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Switch, swap, and rearrange as you please with the Levenger Circa Notebook System. Complete with a variety of paper refillspaper punchesaccessories, and discs, Circa is an easy and professional way to stay organized. Circa encourages flexibility and lets you organize projects to suit your needs. Levenger Circa notebooks come in a plethora of colors, textures and sizes – most of which are customizable. 

See for yourself how Circa works

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Circa Leather Foldover Notebook, Ivory

Item: AL13970

Price: $79.00-$99.00

Marina Circa Sliver Foldover Notebook

Item: ADS9305

Price: $39.00-$49.00

Circa Leather Foldover Notebook

Item: AL8390

Price: $79.00-$99.00

Bomber Jacket Circa Leather Foldover Notebook

Item: AL8385

Price: $79.00-$99.00

Cheyenne Circa® Foldover Notebook

Item: ADS9290

Price: $59.00-$69.00

Circa smartPlanner 2017 Weekly Agenda & Folio

Item: AL13705

Price: $168.00 Now $149.00

Special Request Circa Daily Goals (100 sheets)

Item: SPR1115

Price: $19.00-$23.00

Circa Pro Folio

Item: AL12645

Price: $119.00-$139.00

Cordova Circa Foldover Notebook

Item: AL13080

Price: $79.00-$99.00

Bomber Jacket Softolio 2.0

Item: AL13550

Price: $129.00-$149.00

Softolio 2.0

Item: AL13520

Price: $89.00-$105.00

Aurora Circa Discs, 1" (set of 11)

Item: ADS9165

Price: $25.00

Archive Springback Binders, Letter

Item: ADS9115

Price: $34.00-$39.00

Circa Zip-N-Store Pocket

Item: ADS2650

Price: $16.00

Circa Idea Book

Item: SPR495

Price: $29.00

Circa Bookcloth Foldover Notebook

Item: ADS8930

Price: $69.00-$79.00

Circa 2017 Sunday Start Agenda Notebook

Item: ADS8770

Price: $39.00-$44.00

Pacifica Circa Discs 1"

Item: ADS8955

Price: $25.00

Circa Notebook Label Holders

Item: ADS5020

Price: $5.00

Seashell Circa Discs, 1 1/2"

Item: ADS8970

Price: $29.00

Circa Next Level To-Do Organizer Refill

Item: ADS9005

Price: $12.00-$17.00

Circa Next Level To-Do Organizer Notebook

Item: ADS9000

Price: $25.00-$30.00

Circa Week's End Notebook, Horizontal

Item: ADS8860

Price: $22.00-$29.00

Circa smartPlanner Doodler, Junior

Item: ADS8240

Price: $6.00

Circa smartPlanner Doodler, Letter

Item: ADS8605

Price: $8.00

Circa smartPlanner To Do, Junior

Item: ADS8225

Price: $6.00

Circa smartPlanner To Do, Letter

Item: ADS8575

Price: $8.00

100 3 X 5 Dot Grid Cards

Item: ADS8920

Price: $12.00

Circa Full-Page Annotation Tabs (set of 12)

Item: ADS8925

Price: $12.00-$14.00

Circa Wafer Pocket Dividers (set of 4)

Item: ADS8915

Price: $12.00-$14.00

Freeleaf® Oasis Pads (set of 2)

Item: ADS9140

Price: $15.00

Indigo Sticky Notes (set of 8)

Item: ADS9340

Price: $12.00

Circa Plastic 5 Tab Dividers, White

Item: ADS3720

Price: $12.00-$14.00

Circa Annotator

Item: ADS1780

Price: $16.00

Circa Vivacious Tab Dividers (set of 5)

Item: ADS3905

Price: $12.00-$14.00

Circa Page Finder Tabs

Item: ADS3555

Price: $12.00-$14.00

Circa Vivacious Pocket Dividers (set of 5)

Item: ADS4415

Price: $12.00-$14.00

Freeleaf White Annotation Ruled Pads

Item: ADS5580

Price: $24.00-$32.00

3 x 5 Card Envelopes

Item: ADS3370

Price: $16.00

300 Circa Annotation Ruled Refill Sheets

Item: ADS5910

Price: $34.00-$39.00

300 Circa Full-Page Ruled Refill Sheets

Item: ADS5920

Price: $34.00-$39.00

100 Circa Things To Do Refills

Item: ADS5935

Price: $13.00-$16.00

Circa Page Finder

Item: ADS3710

Price: $4.00

3 x 5 Card Sampler (Set of 75)

Item: ADS6710

Price: $10.00

3x5 To Do Cards (Set of 100)

Item: ADS6790

Price: $12.00

FAF Pad Refill (1,000 sheets)

Item: ADS6865

Price: $44.00-$54.00

120 Circa Next Level Refill Sheets

Item: ADS8425

Price: $20.00 Now $10.95

Circa smartPlanner Folio

Item: AL12605

Price: $129.00-$149.00

Circa Wafer Tab Dividers

Item: ADS8440

Price: $12.00-$14.00

Circa Universal Desk Punch

Item: ADS8095

Price: $49.00

Circa smartTabs

Item: ADS8260

Price: $10.00

Circa smartPlanner Annotation Tabs

Item: ADS8265

Price: $10.00

Circa Vivacious Checklist Pad Trio

Item: ADS8030

Price: $24.00

Circa 1-2-3 Portable Punch

Item: ADS5120

Price: $19.00

Special Request Circa Weekly Agenda Refill

Item: SPR75

Price: $24.00-$34.00

Circa Daily Agenda Refill

Item: SPR615

Price: $15.00-$92.00

Circa Leverage Punch

Item: ADS6190

Price: $79.00

Pacifica Circa Discs, 1 1/2"

Item: ADS8960

Price: $29.00

Circa 2017 Sunday Start Agenda Refill

Item: ADS8775

Price: $29.00-$34.00

Seashell Circa Discs, 1"

Item: ADS8965

Price: $25.00

Bamboo Book Bungee

Item: ADS9125

Price: $10.00

Notebook Belt

Item: ADS8445

Price: $6.00-$7.00

Circa smartPlanner LTG 7-APP PACK

Item: ADS8710

Price: $34.00-$44.00

Circa Sliver Foldover Notebook

Item: ADS8155

Price: $29.00-$39.00

Circa 2017 Sunday Start Agenda Refill, Vertical

Item: ADS8765

Price: $29.00-$34.00

Leather Notebook Belt

Item: ADS9110

Price: $14.00-$18.00

Circa Zip Pocket (set of two)

Item: ADS4660

Price: $12.00-$14.00

22 Circa Medium Discs, 3/4 inch

Item: ADS1840

Price: $15.00

Circa Starter Kit

Item: ADS6370

Price: $14.00-$19.00

Aluminum Circa Discs 1" (set of 11)

Item: ADS5225

Price: $25.00

Circa Discs, 2 inch (Set of 22)

Item: ADS5065

Price: $19.00

Circa Sports Starter Kit

Item: ADS90

Price: $30.00-$35.00

Circa Discs, 3 inch (Set of 22)

Item: ADS5035

Price: $19.00

22 Circa Discs, 1/4 inch

Item: ADS3260

Price: $12.00

22 Circa Standard Discs, 1/2 inch

Item: ADS1830

Price: $12.00

22 Circa Large Discs, 1 inch

Item: ADS1850

Price: $15.00

Notebook Belts, Set of 4

Item: ADS8495

Price: $18.00-$22.00

22 Circa X-Large Discs, 1 1/2 inch

Item: ADS4810

Price: $19.00

Kyoto Circa Discs, 1 inch (Set of 11)

Item: ADS3915

Price: $25.00

Set of 1000 Circa Discs, 1/4 inch

Item: ADS885

Price: $119.00

Set of 1000 Circa Discs, 1/2 inch

Item: ADS890

Price: $129.00

Set of 1000 Circa Discs, 3/4 inch

Item: ADS892

Price: $139.00

Set of 1000 Circa Discs, 1 inch

Item: ADS895

Price: $149.00

Double Barrel Pen Clip (set of 2)

Item: ADS4185

Price: $12.00

Set of 1000 Circa Discs, 1 1/2 inch

Item: ADS5090

Price: $169.00

Add a Loop™ Pen Loop (Set of 4)

Item: ADS6550

Price: $16.00

Bomber Jacket Circa Zip Pro Folio

Item: AL12965

Price: $129.00-$149.00

Circa Annotator & Notes (set of 2)

Item: ADS8160

Price: $18.00

Translucent Circa Notebook Covers (set of 100)

Item: ADS6150

Price: $249.00-$299.00

Circa Sheet Protectors (Letter size)

Item: ADS3965

Price: $14.00

Set Of 2 Translucent Circa Covers

Item: ADS4285

Price: $12.00-$14.00

100 Book Notes Bookmark Cards

Item: SPR1105

Price: $10.00

Einstein Eraser

Item: ADS9235

Price: $7.00

100 Ruled/Grid Bookmark Cards

Item: SPR1110

Price: $10.00

Circa Annotation Ruled Notebook

Item: ADS6220

Price: $24.00-$29.00

3-Ring Daily Planner Refill

Item: SPR3003

Price: $26.00

Circa Idea Book Refill (100 sheets)

Item: SPR595

Price: $23.00

100 Special Request™ Circa TASK Refill Sheets

Item: SPR3102

Price: $19.00-$23.00

Circa A4 Daily Planner Refill

Item: SPR1085

Price: $26.00-$92.00

Circa Week’s End Notebook, Vertical

Item: ADS8870

Price: $22.00-$29.00

100 Circa Week’s End Refill, Horizontal

Item: ADS8865

Price: $18.00-$23.00

100 Circa Week’s End Refill, Vertical

Item: ADS8905

Price: $18.00-$23.00

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Circa provides you with customizable notebooks, agendas and planners that are available in a stunning array of formats, colors and sizes. The Circa-punched paper allows you to rearrange your notes and organize them as you please. Levenger offers one of the most diverse selections of paper formats to choose from. All of Levenger’s paper is made from substantial stock that's friendly to fountain pen ink. The power of Levenger Circa can be seen in classrooms, offices, lunch meetings and special events  - How will you Circa?