Personalization can be used as a special touch on any number of items that we offer at Levenger: a leather folio, a Levenger pen, a luxe leather journal, a smooth leather wallet or a commemorative box. Whether it’s a gift or for yourself, monogramming makes it personal.


Monogramming Guidelines

Most of our products are monogrammed in the bottom right-hand corner.


Initials are always monogrammed using same-size format in the below order:

First, Middle, Last

    For example, Elizabeth Mary Brown would be EMB.

Full name can be up to 16 characters and can include the following symbols only:
  Periods (.), Commas (,),  Quotation marks (") and Dashes (-)  


  • Please note: Our system does not support accents, i.e. (Andréa) or any special characters on any type of personalized item.
  • Monogrammed items are non-returnable.


Personalization Styles

We offer the following: debossing for leather products, engraving for metal, laser printing for resin, plastic and wood products and UV printing for translucent covers.

 A technique where individual letters are heated and pressed deeply into leather.

 A permanent imprint etched onto the surface of metal.

 A process where the laser beam physically removes the surface of the material to expose a cavity that reveals an image at eye level.

 Also known as Ultraviolet Printing, the UV Printing process involves special inks that have been formulated to dry quickly when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.

, please use letters and numbers. Only the following symbols on the keyboard can be used: Periods (.), Commas (,), Ampersands (&), Quotation Marks (“) and Dashes (-).

, there are no restrictions, except accent marks, on character types or symbols. UV printing offers a choice of colors on your Circa® translucent cover. See product page for options.

  • Please note that characters cannot have accents, i.e. (Andréa).
  • Monogrammed items are non-returnable.

For corporate monogramming or logos, please contact our Corporate Sales Division.



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell if an item can be monogrammed?

Once on the product page, select your color and size (if available). If the item is eligible, a “Choose personalization” drop-down menu will then appear.


What is the character limit?

For a full name, you have 16 characters including spaces and periods.


How can I determine if a monogram or message will appear in lowercase or uppercase lettering?

Monograms are created exactly as keyed by you. If you type, John P. Smith, personalization will read “John P. Smith.” If you type john p. smith, personalization will be “john p. smith.” Certain products offer a proof, so you can preview exactly how your monogram or message will appear.


Can monogrammed items be returned?

No, they are non-returnable. Please verify your monogram or personalization is correct before purchasing.


In what order will my initials appear in my monogram?

First, Middle, Last. Note: all letters will be the same size. Letters cannot have accents, i.e. (Andréa).


How much longer does it take for delivery when items are monogrammed?

It depends on the item. Please see the individual product page for additional delivery time.


Can I get a logo put on a larger quantity of items?

Please contact our Corporate Sales Division for this at 800.357.9991 or


What guidelines apply to customized cards, like 3 x 5 cards?

As there are many options of font and text color when it comes to these custom cards, we provide a preview pane, so you can see exactly what you will receive. For guidelines, visit our custom cards page and go to the individual product.